The most gentrified areas in Bristol

Gentrification in Bristol in the last few decades have been more prevalent than ever. Houses once costing a mere £2,000 in the 80s, now going for as much  as £550K. The most gentrified areas in Bristol are now some of the most popular places to live in the city.

you can find the article from the Bristol Post here:

The article states that areas such as Montpelier, St Pauls and St Werburgh’s were ‘the roughest of the rough’.

“Now, Montpelier has changed dramatically. Before it was really cramped living conditions and you’d have two or three families in one house.”

“Now the area is funky, colourful and eco-friendly. It’s also become attractive to developers because of its central location.”

“I feel like now it’s a rich/poor divide,”

“The people who have always been there living in cramped conditions – their assets have never really increased.

“So, if you generate an area the people already living there can no longer afford to.

“Back in the 80s my uncle paid something like £2,000 per house – he bought two in St Werburgh’s. You could never get a house for that price now.

“Now, my mum’s bought a house there and it’s not the same place we remember. It’s as if my mum is now living in a hip cosmo city,” he added.

There are properties in Montpelier now selling for thousands and thousands of pounds – with a five-bed selling for half a million – £550,000 to be exact on Zoopla.

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