Stamp Duty Holiday Bristol

What is UK stamp duty and much could the holiday save you?

After the news last week about the stamp duty holiday, I found this article on the Bristol Post. For the full article, follow this link:

The article explains that the deduction if stamp duty means that there will be an increase of first time buyers as well as investors.

If you are thinking of selling then now is the time. There are a lot more people now considering purchasing a property due to the lack of stamp duty. According to the article, this will save people up to £15,000.

This has been a tough year so far and the property market as well as the general UK economy has taken a hit. It is more understandable than ever that people are going to try and save as much money as they can.

The purpose of the Government’s £2bn investment is to keep the housing market up and running and to encourage buyers to buy and sellers to sell. This however is not as straight forward for everyone. It still costs a lot of money to sell your house even without stamp duty. Selling on the open market is a luxury not everyone can afford.

Stamp Duty Holiday Bristol
Stamp Duty Holiday Bristol

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