How long does it take to sell your house?

How long does it take to sell your house?
How long does it take to sell your house?

Earlier this week we came across an article saying how long it takes on average to sell your house. They interviewed estate agents who mentioned that it could take up to 6 months to complete a sale when selling through the traditional channels.

The article is from 2018, however it is still applicable to today’s property market. It gives you tips on selling your house ‘fast’ however that is a minimum of 10 weeks. This is not quick enough for a lot of people which is why we are here to help. We can sell your house in days not months.

We found this article on Zoopla, the full article can be found on this link here.

Here is a summary of the article which includes tips on how to speed up a property sale:

  • A simple sale with no chain that lasts more than three months could be considered too long. Sales involving chains can take far longer – six months is not uncommon.
  • Solicitors, who can appear to have no incentive to act quickly, are one of the biggest causes of frustrations. – this is why we offer free legals and have an efficient buying process.
  • If there is a delay, a bad or inexperienced estate agent will often do nothing and wait it out.

It is clear that selling your house on the open market is a very long process. It can take a lot of time and effort to find the appropriate estate agent and the right solicitor who will move quickly for you.

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